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Ken taro Shuto

Kentaro Shuto / Composition / Arrangement / Piano

Major works include "Psalm of Joy for Nature" and "Thank You". In recent years, he has also been focusing on posting videos on YouTube and producing sound sources.




Haruna Shuto / Soprano

After graduating from Shiga Prefectural Ishiyama High School Music Department and Tokyo University of the Arts Music Department Vocal Music Department, moved to the United States. After returning to Japan, in addition to playing activities, he worked as an office worker until now.


Focusing on composition and arrangement, he is active as a musician who is widely active in piano performance, instruction, planning, collaboration, etc. Since June 2020, we have been focusing on posting videos on YouTube and producing sound sources. We also provide musical grammar, harmony analysis, and composition guidance using correspondence education (mailed or attached by e-mail). * Due to busy schedule, recruitment of new students is temporarily suspended. If you are in a hurry, please contact us.

<Commission request> (Instrumental music, vocal music, chorus work, theme song, etc.)

・ Japan Philharmonic Orchestra

・ New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra

・ Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus

・ Japan Chorus Association

​ ・ Lake Biwa Classical Music Festival

・ Panasonic Chorus

・ Shonan Senior High School Chorus Club

・ Nerima Mixed Chorus

・ Lee Reencall

・ Sakura Minami Chorus

・ Point de Vue

・ Tokyo University of the Arts 48

・ Saitama Prefectural Kuki High School

・ Saitama City-approved small-scale childcare establishment, dear childcare room, etc.


・ NPO Musik Engel homepage

・ Musik Engel Choir Homepage Exclusive Composer


・ Art group "Mikke" homepage

Each member of the ensemble group "Fujinokai" homepage

<Lecturer / Assistant> (Currently)

Doshisha Women's University

・ Washoku Gakuen Cross Arts

・ Music class attached to Washoku Gakuen

・ Shuto Music School 

・ Correspondence education corrector certified by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

<Lecturer / Assistant> (Past)

・ Toho Gakuen College Music Club

・ Toho Girls' High School Music Department

・ Each part-time lecturer in the music department of Ueno Gakuen High School

・ Arrangement assistant at Takarazuka Revue.


Studied composition under Kageyuki Ichikawa, Masataka Matsuo, Tatsuya Hayashi, and Teruaki Suzuki.

Studied piano under Naoko Igarashi, Hiromichi Hirata, and Aiko Okamoto.

Graduated from Saitama Prefectural Omiya Koryo High School Music Department. Graduated from the Department of Composition, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. Completed the master's program in composition at the same graduate school of music.


18th Saitama Piano Competition F Category Winner

Received the Excellent Accompaniment Award at the 12th Great Wall Cup International Music Competition

Received the Jury Prize in the Chamber Music Division of the 14th TIAA All Japan Composers Competition

Received the Excellence Award in the 20th Composition Division "Yoshinao Nakada Award" at the 24th Sogakudo Japanese Song Competition

2nd prize in the 4th Tokyo International Song Composition Competition (no 1st prize)

2016 Chorus Suite Open Call-27th Asahi Composition Award-Honorable Mention

22nd TIAA All Japan Composers Competition [Song / Solo Category] Jury Prize  

2017 Chorus Suite Works Open Call-28th Asahi Composition Award-Asahi Prize Winner

Received the 1st Hannah Composition Award (Song) Excellence Award

The 2nd prize-winning song "Dies irae" in the 4th Japan International Chorus Composition Competition is selected as the theme song in the 2nd Tokyo International Chorus Competition / Music Division.

Junior high school teacher type license
Junior high school teacher specialization license High school teacher type license
High school teacher's license

After graduating from Shiga Prefectural Ishiyama High School Music Department and Tokyo University of the Arts Music Department Vocal Music Department, he went to the United States and repeated vocal lessons. Also, as a member of the poetry and music collaboration group VOICE SPACE, he co-starred with poets Shuntaro Tanikawa and Mikirō Sasaki. Winner of the Shiga Prefectural High School Vocal Music Competition. Received the 58th All Japan High School Vocal Competition Excellence Award. He has studied vocal music under Naoko Ihara, Yuko Fujihana, Akiko Miyazaki, Robert Honeysucker, and Junko Ioka, and has been instructed by Noriko Yasuda of Répétiteur. Currently, he is the representative of "Mikke", where he experiences art and music with all five senses, and is also focusing on research on physical and mental health and singing, and training younger generations. In addition, there are various activities such as homepage production, event planning, leaflet / logo design, etc. Mother of two children. Hobbies include handicrafts, homemade natural yeast bread making, DIY, etc. Since April 2019, he has been a voice training instructor at Hamaotsu Cultural Club.

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