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Six female choruses by Misuzu Kaneko's poems

[Misuzu Kaneko / Poetry Kentaro Shuto / Composition]


1. Already good

2. Big catch

3. With me, a little bird, and a bell

4. Spring morning

5. Snow

6. This road


You can watch the reference sound source on YOUTUBE. Please click here .


◾️ Work introduction (from the program note at the time of the premiere)

The 6 songs to be performed this time are arbitrarily selected from "Songs 1 to 4 by Misuzu Kaneko's Poems" and arranged into a female chorus version. I am very happy to hear that Mr. Handa commissioned me to receive the Excellence Award in the 21st Yoshinao Nakada Awards section of the Sogakudo Japanese Song Competition for the work "Yuki". .. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you. By the way, the reason I created the original songbook was that I was impressed by reading Misuzu Kaneko's poems and wanted to intuitively select and compose poems. The points I kept in mind when composing were "creating a tune that will remain in the heart of the listener", "songs and pianos insisting on each other to become one piece of music", and "ideas and techniques that suit each poem". "Use". These have become the consistent themes of the ongoing collection of songs by Misuzu Kaneko's poems. Every time I had a chance to perform, I asked the performers and friends for their opinions and made corrections. Professor Teruaki Suzuki, who is currently studying, gave me a particularly specific advice (from the selection of detailed sounds to the "concept". ), And it was a major operation, and there are some songs whose scores in the first and final drafts are quite different. Currently, there are 31 songs in all 6 collections, and I have had the opportunity to perform not only as a concert but also as music in the play, and I am currently planning the 22nd song. In this female chorus version, the piano part is kept as it is, the song part is expanded to female chorus, and new ideas are added, aiming for a wider and deeper expression. Finally, if I could make the feelings of the listeners happy through these works, I would be more than happy as a composer.

Six choruses by Misuzu Kaneko's poems

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